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M.Y.O.B. (Make Your Own Board) Charcuterie Workshop 

Thursday, April 25

6:30 0 8:00 PM
$115.00 + HST

Facilitated by Ava Chilelli
Suitable for all skill levels. 19+

Charcuterie Workshop

Master the art of crafting the perfect charcuterie board with our hands-on workshop!


Select, pair and arrange an array of premium meats, cheeses, fruits, and condiments to create a stunning and delicious charcuterie masterpiece. Under the guidance of Ava Chilelli you'll explore the principles of flavor balancing, texture pairing, and presentation techniques to elevate your charcuterie game to the next level.


With our workshop, you'll not only hone your culinary skills but also gain the confidence to create stunning charcuterie boards for any occasion, whether it's a casual gathering with friends or a lavish soirée. Get ready to impress your guests and elevate your entertaining game with our Make Your Own Charcuterie Board workshop (M.Y.O.B)! 

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