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Our Values

Our Values



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Our Story

Our Story

Beachers Contributing to Our Community

The Beaches Sandbox was a dream of Jason Schuy and Paulette O'Leary. Their desire - to give back to the Beaches Community by creating a charitable centre that provides high-quality programs related to art, physical activity and fun. These programs would be tailored to families and people with special needs.  

With the support of the Paul W. O'Leary Foundation, this dream has become a reality and we are thankful for the help of so many in the community that have contributed to making it possible.

Schuy Family Photo_edited.jpg

A photo of Jason, Paulette, Payton and Meghan Schuy 

Our Centre

Our Centre

Have you ever noticed how kids are drawn to a sandbox? That intrinsic need to let their imagination run free, be creative and make carefree connections with others are exactly the reasons behind the name Beaches Sandbox.


As children, many happy hours are spent building castles with elaborate designs and as adults, the beach and the sand invoke a sense of calm - a place where all our stresses fade away and we can sit and clear our minds as we listen to the soothing sound of waves, embracing our inner child once again.


The Beaches Sandbox name reflects our connection to the community with its many beautiful beach areas, our commitment to providing quality activities which offer a perfect combination of creativity and relaxation and our inclusive programming that’s welcoming to all ages and abilities, just like a perfect spot in the sand!

Our Team

Michelle Headshot_edited.png

Michelle Brunet

Headshot 3 Sam_edited.png

Samantha Little

General Manager
Our Team
Our Board
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