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Take a look at all the events and workshops coming to Beaches Sandbox...

Flowers 2.jpg

Watercolour Flowers in a Jar Workshop
September 21st, 2023, $65 (+HST)/Person

Join Nora for a beautiful flower painting workshop. Using fresh flowers (a few dollar store cuties for added colour) and a simple glass jar, will create a lovely flower still life painting. Flowers and jars provided, but if you’ve got a favourite small vase and a few fresh cut flowers from your garden, bring them along!
Watercolour techniques learned can be used for any subject!
Beginners Welcome.

Fall Tokens

Fall Floral Centrepiece Workshop 
September 30th, 2023, $55 (+HST)/Person

Join us on Saturday, September 30th for a Fall Floral Centrepiece Workshop led by floral arrangement expert Kalynn Crump from ReBLOOM.
Let your imagination soar as you select from a kaleidoscope of options to adorn this flower arrangement.
You will choose from a selection of colourful garden mums and ornamental peppers, which will sprinkle the arrangement with hues that dance like the falling leaves of autumn.
Imagine the delight it will bring to you, as well, to all who pass by to the masterpiece of nature’s hand created by you!

Pasta Making Workshop .jpg

Fall Pasta Making Workshop 
October 12th, 2023, $75 (+HST)/Person

Learn how to make the perfect fall pasta dish with chef Ava Chilelli on October 12th at 6:30 p.m. This homemade semolina pasta is perfect for any fall pasta! Ava will teach you everything you need to know to make this simple, versatile type of pasta: how to make the dough, roll it out, and form it into popular cavatelli shape while enjoying some delicious wine. Tickets are $75.00/pp (+HST).

Monkey Bread Image.jpg

Monkey Bread Workshop 
November 2nd, 2023, $60 (+HST)/Person

Pillowy balls of brioche rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar finished off with an irresistible vanilla glaze. This monkey bread is the perfect star for any dessert table. In this class, you will learn everything about how to make this delicious, show-stopping dessert with Chef Ava Chilelli. $60.00/pp (+HST). 

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